About Us

Obsidian Discs is a new disc golf manufacturer from Finland, founded in 2014. We design and produce great discs for the game in terms of disc flight characteristics and materials. Our team members have long-term experience in playing disc golf, and our education ranges from physics to industrial design and computer science. We have good connections to the local university which fosters the designing of the discs greatly. Moreover, our collaboration with the local high-end plastic industry is a guarantee for discs of highest quality, living up to the highest demands.

Obsidian Discs has also enjoyed a lot of support from disc golfer community. Players have shared their ideas for new discs and also have done prototype testing before we have released the discs for larger public. One of our major values is to listen carefully the disc golfer community and do our best to deliver discs that meet the actual needs of the players. For this end, we’re challenging existing technologies every day to invent, discover and develop more exotic materials and novel methods in manufacturing discs.

We aim to be a consistent and reliable manufacturer. We take care of proper testing and quality control in all phases, always keeping in mind the needs of our customers.

Obsidian Discs Oy
Länsikatu 16 A 7
80110 Joensuu

VAT Reg No: FI26223544

Please contact us: info@obsidiandiscs.com

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