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Disc Golf Courses and Equipment

Obsidian Discs provides flexible services for disc golf course design, starting from light consultation to a full plan including targets, maps, and tee signs. Whether you need a plan for a full length competition grade 18-hole golf course, a smaller course for schools, or just an upgrade or update for an existing course, we can provide our expertise in design and planning.



When planning a new course, we evaluate the suitability of the intended patch of land. Together with the customer, we survey the grounds and define the number of holes, intended course classification, estimated user groups and their needs, etc. This evaluation takes one or two visits, depending on the area’s size.

After the evaluation, we design a course to be as versatile as possible and to suit for players of all levels. Constructing holes on top of existing recreation routes may sound like an easy and inexpensive solution, but it will cause problems both for disc golf players and especially for other people utilising the area. Therefore we always have safety as our top concern in order to avoid hazardous situations in the course and also in its surroundings. Furthermore, we always regard the area’s specific features, vegetation, and built and undeveloped terrain. We aim to minimise costs — like earth moving and tree felling — by using the natural forms of ground and forest cover. This planning takes from two to ten visits, depending on the size and intended use of the course.

The finalised plan contains a summary of hole lengths and par ratings together with recommendations for constructing the course.

A list of our previous course designs can be found at the bottom of the page




Crater is our tournament grade target, certified by Professional Disc Golf Association for the Championship (highest) class. Crater’s galvanised frame, stainless steel chains, and powder coated parts ensure longevity in all weather conditions. Crater stands out easily from terrain and is structurally robust. The 28 chains of Crater stop all discs effectively and the deep basket prevents them to bounce out.

Crater is available with anchor and collar mount, portable stand, and plate stand for mounting on rocks or tree stumps. Along with the model for permanent mounting, Crater is also available a portable version for practice use, with a portable stand and two part pole. The pole fits in a smaller space and is easily carried in the same package with the rest of the parts.

For an extra fee, a monochrome or coloured sticker can be attached to the deflector’s upper part. There’s also an option to get the powder coated parts custom painted with one or more colour, including the chains.

Crater is approved by PDGA, certicate number 17-7.

Technical specifications:

  • Galvanised pole (Ø 54 mm)
  • Galvanised height adjustment pole (Ø 60 mm) for permanent installation
  • Powder coated top construct and deflector band (Ø 8 mm)
  • Powder coated basket (frame and upper ring Ø 10 mm, others Ø 6 mm)
  • 28 galvanised chains in two depths (14 + 14)
  • Available also with a powder coated portable stand or plate stand (Ø 200 mm) for mounting on rock or tree stump

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Please download PDF leaflet of targets here

Maps & Signs



We create professional course maps and tee signs for courses of our own design or for previously existing courses, all according to customer’s requirements. The styling of maps and signs can be worked out in cooperation with our graphic designer.

An eye-catching course map at the start of the course is typically sized at 1050 x 700 mm, but custom sizes are also negotiable. The map shows clearly the holes and routes between them, disc golf rules and guidelines, and possible special features of the course. The map can also be fitted with names and logos of the constructor or sponsors. The course map is attached to map frame, that can be easily installed into concrete blocks buried in ground. The map frame consists of a background plate and 60 mm metal poles.

Tee signs are usually of size A4, but we can deliver other sizes, too. Each sign states number of the hole, par rating, and length. The sign has a map describing terrain, obstacles, throw lines, mandos, out of bounds areas etc. There’s also space for one or more sponsor’s information.

Tee signs are attached to sign frame, which is easy to install into a buried concrete block. The sign frame consists of background plate and 60 mm metal pole.

All metal parts of our map and sign frames are powder coated stainless steel. We deliver the course maps and tee signs printed on weather-proof adhesive fixed on laminated aluminium composite, with or without concrete blocks for secure mounting. We also deliver the maps and signs in digital format, so they can be added e.g. to the web or Facebook page of the course.

Please download PDF leaflet of maps and signs here




Robust, easy-care and uncluttered tees add significantly enjoyment to the game and give courses an impression of quality. A tee pad can be simply a patch of compacted soil or a slab of casted concrete, but a pressure-treated wood frame coated with artificial turf is the best choice regarding safety, durability and maintenance.

We deliver suitable artificial turf tee mats for tee pads and provide information how to build robust, non-slipping and maintenance-free tees. We do not provide gravel or stone dust for laying foundations, or material for wooden frames.


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