Bunch of good guys enjoying
the beauty of disc golf


Team Obsidian is a bunch of good guys who have volunteered to help promote our brand. These goodwill ambassadors understand the roots of OD and want to do their part in bringing this small brand to the disc golf players’ attention. If you need a playing community, tips for technique, info about courses or discs, or just a friendly chat, please do not hesitate to approach us when you see us on the course!


Joen Liitokiekko

Division: MP50

Year of birth: 1966

Hometown: Joensuu

Career wins: 3

Handedness: Left (mixed)

Starting year: 2014

Max distance: 100m

Favourite course: Lykynlampi

Favourite tournament: Tyyni

Career highlights: The day when my son, who started playing after me, beat me for the first time! Great moment of "Passing the torch"!

Goals: To be able to keep passing those hints and tips to newcomers, and sharing enthusiasm and positive vibes among the DG-community.

Motto: "Let every round played slow down the decline of skills and ability to play." (MP50-mantra)

Club: Joen Liitokiekko

Instagram: @olliarol


Joen Liitokiekko

Division: MPO

Year of birth: 1991

Hometown: Äänekoski

Career wins: 5

Handedness: RHFH + RHBH

Starting year: 2011

Max distance: Over 100m

Favourite course: Harju

Favourite tournament: National Team Championships

Career highlights: PDGA rating of 1003

Goals: Disc golf as a lifestyle and as a way of self-development. Also, internationalization and teaching of the skills and the spirit of the sport.

Club: Joen Liitokiekko

Instagram: @jaatitoni


BSC Disc Golf Team

Division: M50

Year of birth: 1969

Hometown: Kempele

Career wins: 5

Handedness: Right

Starting year: 2012

Max distance: Enough

Favourite course: Kaatis

Favourite tournament: Kärkkäinen Open

Career highlights: 

  • 4th place Finnish National Master MP50 in 2019
  • 3rd place Finnish National Mixed Doubles in 2014, 2016 & 2017
  • 2nd place Finnish National Mixed Doubles in 2020

Goals: To enjoy the good moments in the sports.

Club: BSC Disc Golf Team


Joen Liitokiekko

Division: MP40

Year of birth: 1977

Hometown: Joensuu

Career wins: 3

Handedness: RHBH + RHFH

Starting year: 2009

Max distance: 120m

Favourite course: Lykynlampi

Favourite tournament: Pohjois-Karjalan avoimet

Career highlights: 

  • National Champion, Finnish National Doubles 2020 MP40
  • 4th place, Finnish National Mixed Doubles 2020 MP40
  • 5th place in Finnish National Team Championships 2016 & 2014 open series

Goals: To meet many wonderful players and to enjoy the good moments in the sports.

Club: Joen Liitokiekko


Markus NOWC

Disc Golf Club Hamburg

Division: MPO

Year of birth: 1980

Hometown: Hamburg

Starting year: 2008

Max distance: 100m

Favourite course: Järvä

Favourite tournament: European Open

Career highlights: Club Champion

Goals: Playing the European Open

Motto: Have Fun

Club: Disc Golf Club Hamburg

Instagram: @markusnowc